meeting in Koszalin (Poland)

poland118The 4th meeting of the project partners ACT FOR SHARE was held 14-18 October 2014 in Koszalin, Poland. Trainers and trainees of the companies Glotta Nova (Slovenia), TENDA D’ELIA Gener@ion APS Italy, Wise Age (UK), EDRASE (Greece), Algaba de Ronda (Spain) and of course the institution hosted the meeting Stowarzyszenie APERTO were present to evaluate and plan.
We discussed the experience gained so far by the partnership, particularly the way in which we overcomed the technical problems encountered.
Moreover, we discussed the content of the interviews conducted in all countries on the “slow food” (moderator TENDA D’ELIA) and the position of women in the past (moderator Stowarzyszenie APERTO).
The exact date and agenda of the next meeting in London was decided.
A guided tour in the city of Koszalin and the seaside town Kołobrzeg was provided to the guests.
The meetings took place at the offices of Stowarzyszenie APERTO and the magical Politco where we spend two days.
Finally. It was decided to give more attention to the dissemination of project results by organizing events in the partners’ countries, and using the social media and other digital applications.

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