computer learning courses

Participation in free computer learning courses in Halki
(leading to an ECDL dimploma)


Captain Fanouraki’s Foundation in cooperation with Educational Activities Society, a nonprofit partner based in Halki, and Professor Spyros Camateros provide free Computer Learning seminars in Halki Island starting.
The seminars held at the Cultural Center ”Socrates Fanourakis”, which continue to be a nucleus of cultural activities, benefitting Halki, as the benefactor of our island, Socrates Fanourakis always did himself.
High school graduates, students, teachers, unemployed, or any other resident of the island, wanting to gain knowledge, experience, skills and potentially an ECDL diploma can participate in this activity.

Please contact: or call: +306974918591 (mobile phone).

Seminars are repeated every spring and autumn in Halki – Cultural Center Socrates Fanourakis and there is a provision to be watched by anyone remotely.

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