Participation of EDRACE in a new Erasmus+ program

A new two-year European program started in January in which E.DRASE participates.

“TWiNS – Together Working for Inclusione At School’’

It belongs to the ΚA3 Action, is EU-approved and coordinated by an Italian training organization (Cooperativa Beniamino SCS ONLUS – Campo nell’ Elba). The partners are (apart from EDRASE), three from Italy, two from Portugal, from England and Romania.

As a thematic, it concerns the difficulties, exclusion and integration problems of students from refugee families attending school. It aspires to create a network of stakeholders (pupils, parents, teachers, local community) from more than one school in the Dodecanese region.

The role of the project is to support the choice of many schools in Europe to adopt an intercultural view not only on the integration of immigrant pupils nor on the adoption of compensatory strategies for educational disabilities. The main objective is to accept diversity as an example to open up the whole school community to a variety of differences.

What we’re going to do

to work on inclusion concept

to identify local needs

to build a local network with families and teachers involved in the project

to work with families and teachers and in classroom on the goals chosen by network

to share ideas and strategies at european level


Milestones: they represent the macro-objectives of twins project;

Work packages: they represent a set of actions to reach the milestones.

With this, we will take advantage of the long-term goals of the TWINS project, alongside the work packages that are a set of actions to achieve the above objectives.

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