1st Chalki International Composition Competition 2020

A great institution was born for the island of Halki and the world of music creation, the “International Halki Composition Competition” which took place on Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 August, co-organized by E.DRAS.E.

The idea of ​​institutionalizing an international competition belongs to the award-winning composers Lina Tonia and Michalis Vekiaris, but also to the municipality of Halki, which from the first moment supports the initiative that will become an institution.
Contemporary composers, musicians from all over the world, competed with their compositions for solo violin or violin with electronic sounds.
With 113 compositions / participations, the “1st Chalki International Composition Competition 2020” showed its level among well-known world festivals and promised a brilliant continuation.
The violinists Giannis Korbetis and Epamineondas Tzivenis presented the works of the eight finalists selected by the jury, from which the three that were awarded stood out.

The jury consists of the composers: Michalis Vekiaris, Lina Tonia, Vladimiros Symeonidis, Theodoros Lotis and Giannis Korbetis.

The winners for the final phase of the competition were: Tomasz Skweres, João Oliveira, Costas Tsiogas, Thrasyvoulos Tsouroulas, Rei Munakata, Nikolaos Vogiaris, Bence Hartl, Demian Rudel Rey.
It is noted that one day before the competition, the violinist Giannis Korbetis presented with exceptional skill, in a recital in front of the Church of Agios Nikolaos, works by Bach, Knorr and Vekiaris.

The three winners were:

1st Prize: Tomasz Skewers (Poland), Deuterium for solo violin

2nd Prize: Thrasyvoulos Tsouroulas (Greece), Ison for solo violin
3rd Prize: Rei Munakata (Japan), Nocturnal Altitude for violin and electronics

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