meeting in Ljubljana (Slovenia)

slovenia127The third meeting was held under the program Active Citizenship for Seniors and Juniors Share via web radio (Lifelong Learning Programme-Grundtvig Learning Partner-ship), which participates acted. Participating organizations: EDRASE (Greece), Algaba de Ronda (Spain), Radio Radiccio (Italy), Glotta Nova (Slovenia), Sto-warzyszenie APERTO (Poland), Wise Owls (UK). We discussed the progress of the project and the planning of new interviews and coordination of discussions on the results of interviews for each subject, each partner.
From Greek side there were members of the Board of Directors acted Eliades Vangelis and Nikos Tzimopoulos and members acted Iossifidou Maria,  Arapaki Elizabeth and Tenosvili  Mary.
The organization was impeccable as hospitality too.
The next meeting was set for Poland from 14 to 18 October.

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