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Project Number: 517920-LLP-2011-NL-COMENIUS-CMP
About Elos
“On top of the world with Elos!”

Elos is an educational concept which seeks to promote the European and international dimension in education. It is about preparing young people for a future in a society in which European integration and globalization are a reality. For more information, please visit:

About the project:
Concrete aims of this project are quality review, validation and recognition of Elos. Quality review should lead to recognition at policy level and with higher (professional) education institutes. If that is realized, then in all countries it would really mean something to be an Elos school or student and it could also lead to support for the national Elos networks and their coordinators, from national/regional educational authorities. A strong procedure for certification of Elos schools and students would enhance the (inter)national added value of this ongoing learning route. With support, it should be easier to organize national and international network meetings, and to convince new schools and new countries to join Elos. Experiences in the Dutch Elos network and the Dutch network for bilingual education have shown that quality review is very valuable not only for official recognition, but to enhance the developments at school level. Apart from formal judgement, it is a perfect ‘excuse’ for schools to evaluate their own progress, and to use the outcomes of a review visit as a new boost for their future learning programme and activities. School managers, coordinators and teachers very much appreciate this form of external advice, and it is a way to show the wider public (parents!) that all this extra work is being done for a good reason. Certification also seems to enhance motivation at all levels, it is a way to make performances visible to all.
An overarching goal is to create transition points between all systems and levels of education in order to allow students of all types to reach the same competences at their own level and to possibly switch or move on to another type of education without too much difficulty.

Partners if this project are :

  • Ons Middelbaar Onderwijs, (NL)
  • The International Learning and Research Centre (UK)
  • Centro do Informaçao Europeia Jacques Delors (PT)
  • Tallinna Haridusamet – Tallinn Education Department (EE)
  • Askim Videregaende Skole (NO)
  • Dirección de Innovación Del Departamento De Educación Del Gobierno Basco (ES)
  • Leibniz University Hannover (DE)
  • Southern Education and Library Board (IE)
  • Patto Territoriale Nord Barese Ofantino (IT)
  • Kauno technologijos universtitetas (LT)
  • Padagogická fakulta Univerzity Kamenského (SK)
  • St Olofs Skola (SE)
  • International Education (NL)
  • Liceo Scientifico Statale “Michelangelo Grigoletti” (IT)
  • Sintermeerten (NL)
  • Ryckevelde (BE)
  • Liceo Scientifico Statale “Enrico Boggio Lera” – Catania (IT)

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