ideaScience and Technology govern every aspect of modern life and are undoubtedly part of our everyday lives. From the simplest to the most difficult processes that we do, these two factors play a critical role in shaping outcomes, political and socio-economic beliefs, and are quite related to the competitiveness of each country that integrates them in their the production line.

Both science and technology, in every manifestation, consist rough trails for many people. For this reason, we begin this series of presentations and discussions aiming to bring every one of you to become able to understand basic principles of issues that often are directly related to our everyday lives or issues that you read in print and on the Internet. The aim is to present information about specific topics every once in a more popularised form without losing its “science” form, and also to provoke further discussions around the topic that will be presented each time.

We certainly look forward to honoring us with your presence.

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