participation in seminar organization

EDRASE participates in the development of an e-Learning seminar

sfragidaFor a fourth consecutive year  an on-line course will be organized with the EDRASE participation, the Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education of South Aegean in collaboration with the School of Informatics Consultant Cyclades, Cyclades Secondary Education , Directorate of Primary Education Cyclades, the Greek Association for Utilization of ICT in Education (, University of the Aegean and the Greek School Network and EDRASE. The seminar involves  teachers of Primary / Secondary Education from all the islands of the southern Aegean, who had successfully completed the first part of the seminar. Participants are divided into groups of about 20 people, mainly based on their specialty and their island. Each group represents a virtual , e-class, in the course of which the trainees will work together with the trainer but also members of other groups to complete group activities. The communication is performed using synchronous and asynchronous collaborative tools. The trainees will learn tools to “run” on the Internet and the pedagogical use in the classroom. They  will also learn some additional features programs we learned last year. This will be a totally e-learning course.

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