• Announcement 21/06/2022

EDRASE, as part of its participation in the European partnership Science Cafe for Adults, of the Erasmus+ program, held the 3rd Science Cafe, on June 21, 2022, in the auditorium of the 1st General Lyceum of Zografou, on the topic of “Climate change and Biodiversity”. The seminar was offered free of charge and aimed at adults over 45 years of age. It was attended by teachers and members of EDRASE. Speakers were Mr. Gavalas Nikos Ph.D Biologist, and Iliadis Vangelis M.Sc Biologist and the event was supported by the management of the 1st Lyceum.

  • Announcement 22/01/2015

eventsThe E.DRAS.E (Education Action Company), is a non-profit organization which is active in European projects, training partnerships in distance education and adult education.
Since its inception it has implemented the institution of the Science Cafe, with themes each time analyzed by specialists and popularize the public. Indicatively, issues that have been presented are assisted reproduction, immunology defense of human cancer, the economic crisis in Greece and generic drugs.
The next theme is ” Personalized Medicine ” and will be presented at the Café of Janus, Monday, February 16 at 6 pm, in Athens (stage 24).
Speakers of the event – which is open and free entrance to the public – is:

  •     Sarantis Gagos, PhD, Clinical Cytogeneticist ABMG / 1996, Researcher at the Institute of Genetics Laboratory of Biomedical Research of the Academy of Athens (BRFAA):
    “Telomeres and cancer: The instability of chromosomes in personalized medicine.”
  •     Nikos Gavalas, Research Biologist, PhD in Molecular Medicine / Autoimmune Diseases and Immunology. He works at the Oncology department of Hospital Alexandra:
    “About personalized response medical cases.”

The speeches will be followed by a discussion of the speakers with the public.

We are waiting for you
to drink coffee in the beautiful area of the bookstore Ianos,
to hear experts, to exchange views
and to know each other in the popular science offered by E.DRAS.E.

  • Announcement 21/10/2012

The Educational Activities Association (EDRASE) , in the framework of the

“Science Café” that is happening for the third consequent year, invites you to the event on Sunday 21/10/2012, at 18.00’ at Art’s Café (6 Sinopis st. Athens).
The subject is «Generic Drugs, safe or not?».

The main guests of this event are : Mr Ilias Yannoglou, member of the board of the Pharmaceutical Society of Athens and Mr Stamatis Boulis from the Pharmaceutical Industry. We are waiting for you to get informed and discuss with the experts on this field in a casual environment.

The board of Directors of “EDRASE”

  • Announcement 20/2/2011

1st lecture
The company training schemes (E.DRAS.E.) presented on June 6 in open event in a very nice place to Ambelokipi, objectives and activities, inviting anyone interested to participate in any of the actions the company is interested.

In presenting the announced main contributions to the company’s European Lifelong Learning programs or arrangements as the European institutions in various fields, either as individual contributions to programs for training, local training seminars for teachers, summer training activities of the type of summer school education, while were on line teleconference with Mr.Tzimopoulos, at Syros, issues relating to the activities of the company in terms of distance learning and its applications to remote islands, and educational tools (eg Moodle) which is very useful to teachers.  The event was attended by people from science, education and culture.In the same area followed by the first lecture of our scientific cafe on “Medically Assisted Reproduction: Implications and Reflections” and keynote speaker Harry E. Kazlaris, PhD.
The first lecture series Science cafe had a great response to the public, recorded in digital form and is displayed on our site.More to come, which will be announced on our website and will be held every two months ago.
The Board of Directors of our Company, thanked everyone who attended the event on their interest in our new plus members to record and Mr. Kazlari a rich layman, while presenting a complex and interesting subjects.

2nd lecture
Immunology/Immunotherapy in Cancer

On Monday the 25-10-10, at Art’s Cafe, a seminar titled « Immunology/Immunotherapy in Cancer», by Assistant Professor at the University of Athens, O. Tsitsilonis

3rd lecture
Today’s economic crisis: Goddess Cali, or the spinning Dervish? The above topic was discussed by the two speakers at the night, Lefteris Stoykogiorgos and Vassilis Vassiliadis.
You can watch the talks by clicking the following links:
Mr. Vassiliadis’ talk:
Mr. Stoukogiorgos’ talk:

  • Announcement 22/10/2010

Dear Friends,
EDRASE announces the fourthcoming meeting of Science Cafe which will take place at ART’S CAFE located at 6 Sinopis Street just behind the Athens Tower on the 25th of October 2010.
The title is: Immunology/Immunotherapy in Cancer.
Speaker: Dr Ourania Tsitsiloni, Senior Lecturer./Assistant Professor at the Biology Department, University of Athens
Time: 19:30

The EDRASE Board

  • Announcement 16/5/2010

The first lecture of the scientific cafe will be dealing with reproduction and the title of the talk is “Medically Assisted Reproduction: Implications and Reflections”. The keynote speaker is Harry E. Kazlaris, PhD, and it will be held at Arts’ Café, in the area of Ampelokipi in Athens (located just behind the Tower of Athens – Sinope 6), on Sunday, June 6, 2010 at 7.30pm. The entrance to this event is free.

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