CICERO – Second Partner meeting of the project “Enhancing Digital Competence through Photography”

The 2nd partners meeting of the CICERO project took place in Malaga, Spain from 15 to 16 June 2021. The meeting included partners who participated live and remotely via video conference.

Juan De Lucas and Sara Radiovic from the host organization Asociacion ARRABAL AID participated, Peter Mazohl from the European Initiative for Education and Messrs. Akrivi Anagnostaki, Tzimopoulos Nikolaos and Mr. Filioglou Michael from EDRASE. Partners from Stockholm University (coordinator) and Proandi participated online.

The following topics were discussed:

  • Feedback – amendment proposals for the Image data base
  • Preparation of the Final Report
  • Review – Necessary tasks
    • Process of preparation material
    • Define collection of documents for the project closing
  • Preparation of the Multiplier Event that will be hold in Stockholm by the University of Stockholm (after the final meeting).
  • Project management issues (Timesheets, Task Description)
  • Preparation of the transferability guide
  • Joint development of a mind map including short description of the branches.
  • Format definition for the project documents
  • Planning OER publishing IOs as Open Educational resource – Plan & To-Do List


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