FAdE-in Teaching-Training event Syros (GR)

During Saturday 10 to Wednesday 14/7/2021 a teaching-Training event was organized in Syros island.

The activities performed during this event were:

Workshops, lectures, and hands-on activities dealing with:

▪ The flipped training approach in Adult Education

▪ Creation of Flipped courses

▪ Use of technology and digital competences in Flipped Adult Education

▪ The self-determined and active learner in Adult Education

▪ The implementation of future courses based on Flipped Adult Education

▪ Hands-on creating a demo course outlay using Flipped Adult Education

▪ Hands-on practical implementation of learning activities for the Blended Learning courses


Training approach

The training itself was  implemented using Flipped Learning 3.0 and  time before the meeting was given to provide basic knowledge and understanding (“Lower Blooms” competencies) as preparation in the Individual Space.


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