CICERO – Second Partner meeting of the project “Enhancing Digital Competence through Photography”

The 2nd partners meeting of the CICERO project took place in Malaga, Spain from 15 to 16 June 2021. The meeting included partners who participated live and remotely via video conference. Juan De Lucas and Sara Radiovic from the host organization Asociacion ARRABAL AID participated, Peter Mazohl from the European Initiative for Education and Messrs.

FAdE-in Teaching-Training event Syros (GR)

During Saturday 10 to Wednesday 14/7/2021 a teaching-Training event was organized in Syros island. The activities performed during this event were: Workshops, lectures, and hands-on activities dealing with: ▪ The flipped training approach in Adult Education ▪ Creation of Flipped courses ▪ Use of technology and digital competences in Flipped Adult Education ▪ The self-determined

FADE in – Intermediate meeting of partners

The partners’intermediate meeting of the FAdE-in project  (Flipped Adult Education) took place in Malaga, Spain, on 14-15 June 2021. It was attended by 3 members of the host organization (JUVANCE, Asociación sin ànimo de lucro / NGO), 1 member of EBI “Europäische Bildungsinitiative”, Austria, 1 member of Intermezzo Ungdomsorganisasjon, Norway and 3 members of EDRASE.