Meeting in Kos

The fourth meeting of EDRASE representatives for the program took place in Kos, as an extraordinary one, arising out of the need to find partners near the reception areas for immigrants and refugees as well as to record the formal and informal forms of education implemented there. A representative of Brussels was also called in charge of financing the program.
Part of the meetings took place at the Caravia Beach Hotel offered by the Fanourakis Lochang Foundation. Representatives of the UNHCR in Kos were also there.
The meetings took place from 11 to 15 May 2019. They evaluated the course implementation of the program in each partner and prepared the evaluation and dissemination procedures for the results.
The principals of the schools involved were Mr. Vangelis Eliadis (LT Halkis Socrates Fanourakis Gymnasium) and Mr. Georgios Erikos Chlapanis (2nd High School of Kos), Mr. Edoumos Toukemos of the School Secretary. of Halki, Mr. Angelos Tzalalis, teachers Mr. Perezou and Minaidi of the High School of Kos.

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