meeting in Chalki (Greece)

  • chalki100Welcoming
    The Greek team commenced the meetingthe 1st day in Rhodes where all the groups of the partners were picked up from their hotel and welcome by a tour in the old Town of Rhodes and the Monte Smith in the west side of Rhodes’ island.
  • Technical base of the web radio transmissions
    Discussions with technical experts via Skype, about the data and the specifications required for a Web radio. Workshop – Using the internet – Selection criteria of the learners.
  • Presentation of the local activities made by the partners
    The participants presented the way they have thought or have planned their participation. Every partner accepted the proposal of the Italian team to establish the Spanish team as the coordinator of the Project.
  • Web page update
    The partners agreed that the Greek partner will create a web page where all teams can link their web radio address pages, with short descriptions of the relevant local activities. The Greek partner has presented a Moodle Platform to be used during the program. Establishing the content of the Internet tools.
  • Interviews’ Content Establishment
    The three first Interviews will contain:
  1. A theme on Social relationship between the young and elderly
  2. A theme on The role of women in society achieving equality of opportunity an socio-economic -political role
  3. A theme on Fight against discrimination of race, sex,religion, age, social conditions
  • The accomplishment of the project

The participants will be prepared on how to make a radio program, as register, broadcasts.
Prepare one or two a couples young/old, on the topic being discussed in the interview / discussion.
Record the interview/discussion which will be led by an experienced moderator if possible
Agree on a schedule where the moderators of two or more countries can connect via skype (optional).
The interview / discussion and recording will be done on the 5th of every month and each partner will have to upload in the web site a summary of each interview until the 15th of the same month.
Connections and discussions among the moderators are optional.
Italy, Greece, U.K and Spain can make the connection via skype which is more dynamic and interactive, intercultural and international, even if the quality is not very high.
For Poland and Slovenia, where the quality is a priority, every interview will be recorded and will broadcasted later, within the same deadline.

  • Cultural activities

Tour in the old Town of Rhodes,the Monte Smith in the west side of the island of Rhodes and the Filerimos hill of Rhodes.
Visits to the port and the village in Halki and the beach to swim.
Visits to the old deserted Village and the Castle of Halki
Dance performance by a local traditional student dance group

  • Evaluation of the Project Meeting
    – Feedback questionnaires.
    – Conclusions.
    – Free discussions over the importance and efficiency of this project.
    – Participation certificates.

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