Meeting in Chalki for Science Cafe

The Cultural Center “Socrates Fanourakis” of Halki hosted the meetings of twenty partners from five European countries (Italy, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Turkey and Greece) in the framework of the Erasmus + Science Café For Adults program.

Each partner creates and organizes three live Science Cafe, with topics of their choice. Videotapes this action, translates it, subtitles it and distributes it to the other partners of the program. Thus, 18 Videos with current topics will be created, which are distributed and utilized by each partner. Many members of the partnership watched the Workshops and the meetings from their own country, remotely via the Internet and a teleconferencing platform.

The program is implemented on behalf of Greece by the “Company for Training Actions” (EDRASE) based in Halki. The first issue that has already been implemented and recorded by EDRASE is “Vaccines and Covid19”.

Sub-objectives of the program:

to create and develop the knowledge and skills of adults who have completed or stopped formal education

Encourage trainees to take on more active roles to address science and technology issues that may affect their daily lives.

Promote equal opportunities for adults over 45 years of age

Introduce the use and learning of short video as a complement to formal education, a new form of non-formal education that is flexible and easy to learn. The meetings at the Cultural Center took place from 27 to 31 October 2021 and were a complete success.

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