Final project meeting

During 29 & 3010/2021, the final meeting of the project “Enhancing Digital Competence
through Photography” took place in Stockholm.

The agenda of the meeting was the following:

1       Project finalization

1.1 Project economical report – final budget and templates will be send out within a week from the meeting

1.2 Project deliverables status

Some files need to be located and placed into the structure. The status of the teaching event evaluation is “under construction”.

The database will be the base for the online exhibition. Needs more content – ask course participants and upload our “own” pictures.

Special folder for pics taken during the teaching event in Porto.

Transfer + evaluation guide

Course level evaluations

Lessons learned per partner (lay-out of the course (hybrid, distance, flipped); types of participants) age, digital competence + youth (Arabal), VET (proAndi) and school (EBI) as categories))

Overall lessons learned -> what works when and for whom

Teacher evaluation – Arabal has done it, others can do it in a similar way

Moodle generic example + downloadable.

Project products have all local logos + Cicero + Erasmus+

1.3 Project administrative issues status

Attendance lists now in Stockholm

2       Work in small groups on (preparing) final version of deliverables

3       Task distribution for final project report

4       Suggestion for online exhibition site

          WordPress plugin. Exhibition is from the participant pictures (which will also be in the EU heritage database). Peter will create an example version during November.

5       Any other various issues.

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