Enhancing Digital Competence through Photography (CICERO)

Enhancing Digital Competence through Photography (CICERO)


Erasmus+/KA204 Strategic Partnerships for Adult Learning

Partners: University of Stockholm (SE)(coordinator), ΕΔΡΑΣΕ(GR), EBI/EIE (AT), Asociacion Arrabal Aid (ES), ProAndo (PT)

The CICERO Project (Enhancing Digital Competence through Photography) addresses three items in the field of Adult Education, which are connected to each other and tied together in this project. This are

  • digital competences (DigiComp),
  • digital photography (DigiPic), and
  • European Cultural Heritage (UCH).

The objectives are to develop and implement a special course for adults teaching DigiComps by Photography. Learners learn to take digital images of certain quality, to develop digital competences (using the DigiComp 2.0 framework), editing images, use of images in medias and other related competences. A photo contest will be used to motivate learners (and other adults) to submit their photos; these images will be published in the European Cultural Heritage Database.

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