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The first international conference of the project Grundtvig Multilateral Project “Blended
Learning Quality-Concepts Optimized for Adult Education” (BLAdEdu) took place on the 21st and 22nd of February 2014 in Wiener Neustadt (Austria). It is one of the 2 scheduled conferences to taking place in the frame of the project: Wiener Neustadt 2014 – Malaga 2015. The “Quality in Blended Learning” conference has the aim to encourage and share knowledge about Blended Learning based on the research part of the Grundtvig Multilateral Project  “Blended Learning Quality-Concepts Optimized for Adult Education” (BLAdEdu).

Conference Content and Topics

The program of the Conference is structured in a registration phase with welcome dinner and presentation of the consortium followed by two full days (from 9:00 to 18:00). Further, it is organized in the form of plenum and parallel workshop sessions.

Contributions during the conference

The program provides oral presentation by speakers presenting their papers and special workshops. The workshops were about

“Learners’ Needs” (Moderated by Andreas Körner and Anika Meder-Likanen), “Organization of Blended learning Courses” (Moderated by Luca Reitano and Evangelos Iliadis) and

“Quality Criteria in Blended Learning” (Moderated by Peter Mazohl).

Topics and issues

The contributions are organized in the following thematic areas:

  • Theory and Structure of Blended Learning
  • eLearning as part of Blended Learning
  • Problems in Distance Learning
  • Target groups
  • Tutorial support
  • Technical Background and Problems
  • eLearning Platforms
  • Quality Issues of Blended Learning
  • Catalog of Quality Criteria in Blended Learning

The Conference in Wiener Neustadt – EDRASE contribution

  1. Evaluation of blended learning seminar by the trainers, Nikos Tzimopoulos & Evangelos Iliadis.
  2. Implementation of a blended learning program to residents of the islands of the South Aegean, Nikos Tzimopoulos, Maria Iosifidou & Evangelos Iliadis.
  3. The criteria for the evaluation of educational sites, Evangelos Iliadis & Nikos Tzimopoulos.
  4. ICT Teachers training – The implementation of the program with blended learning in the prefecture of the Cyclades, Nikos Tzimopoulos.

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