Call for applications CICERO photo competition

Call for applications CICERO photo competition

The CICERO photo competition is an international competition with a focus on photography in public spaces and was launched by the CO-financed Erasmus project of the European Union CICERO (Enhancing Digital Competence through Photography).

For the first time, the photo competition will be held under the motto “European Cultural Heritage”. This topic covers natural sites, built and archaeological sites, museums, monuments, artworks, historic cities, and the knowledge, practices and traditions of European citizens. The best photographs will be selected and awarded by an international jury; additionally, an audience price considering the number of likes is awarded. After the competition, the photos will be exhibited in a virtual gallery in the frame of the CICERO Project “Cultural Heritage Database”.



„Natural sites, built and archaeological sites, museums, monuments, artworks, historic cities, and the knowledge, practices and traditions of European citizens.“ (European Cultural Heritage)

Active time frame

June 1st 2021 until August 31st 2021

Submission deadline:

August 31st 2021, 24:00 o‘clock

The web address for submissions is

There is no participation fee!

Award criteria

All photo enthusiasts are eligible to participate. Any person over 18 years of age may participate in the contest, except for the members of the jury or the employees of the CICERO Project consortium and their direct family members.

Photographer and sender must be identical.

Format and Technics

Only original photos can be submitted, unpublished and not having previously been presented in other contests, websites or any other digital or printed medium. The photo must not contain any frames, decorations or advertisement and conform to the national laws and regulations of the country where the picture was taken as well as the country of the participant.

The file should be saved in RGB mode as JPG / JPEG format and should have a minimum of 2400 pixels on the long side of the page and a maximum of 3840 pixels on the long side of the photo.

The participants are fully responsible for being the sole artists, that there are no rights to third parties, as well as for any claim for image rights over the works submitted to the contest.

Labelling of the submitted files

Surname Title of Photo.jpg

For example Musterfrau_Streetportrait_Vienna.jpg


By participating in the competition and submitting image files, each participant agrees that the photos submitted will be published on the CICERO homepage / BLOG and on CICERO Facebook, and it can be used for any informative material within the framework of the CICERO program.

The organization is not responsible for possible upload errors during uploading of the photos, Internet connection or any other digital failure.


The prizes are awarded by a jury, there is also an audience award (best-rated photo as per the likes of photo via the Cicero database).

First prize:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 T505, 32GB, Silver, LTE
  • Books: «Photography: The Definitive Visual History» & «Extraordinary Everyday Photography»

Second prize:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 T505, 32GB, Silver, LTE
  • Books: «Magnum Contact Sheets» & «Extraordinary Everyday Photography»

Third prize

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 T505, 32GB, Silver, LTE
  • Book: «Extraordinary Everyday Photography»

Audience Awards

 Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 T505, 32GB, Silver, LTE

 The jury’s decision will take place on mid-September 2021 and will be directly communicated by the organization to the winners. In the same way, CICERO Project  will disseminate this information to the media, on its website, and through the channels it deems appropriate. The works that have not been awarded will form part of the CICERO Database, for public consultation on historical heritage.

Participation in this contest implies full acceptance of each one of these bases and the final decision of the jury.


The jury will be made up of experts in the audiovisual field, photographers, communication experts and representatives of CICERO, who, based on criteria of creativity and technical quality, will select the awarded photographs. All decisions by the jury are final.

Members of the Jury:

  • Love Ekenberg, Photographer, Professor in Computer and System Sciences at Stockholm University (Sweden)
  • Harald Makl, Artist, Photographer, Lecturer in History of Arts at the University of applied studies in Baden (Austria)
  • Alejandro López, professor of photography, graduated in fine arts, speaker at conferences on art and doctoral student in the field of image and arts (Spain).
  • Nikos  Apostolopoulos,  Assistant Professor, University of West Attica, Dept of Photography and Audiovisual Arts. (Greece)
  • Helder Campos, (Portugal).

The project management looks forward to active participation and interesting submissions!

⬜  I ACCEPT (checkbox) the bases of this contest, my participation in it, as well as the transfer of my personal and contact data without advertising purposes.

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