Training course on: ” Digital Immigrants Survival kit”

The Educational Activities Society (EDRASE, ), in collaboration with Training 2000 (It), Univ. of Porto (Pt), the European Foundation for Quality in Blended Learning (At), Oiko-Polis and EDUCOMMART are organizing a distance e-learning course on ” Digital Immigrants Survival kit” The training material was developed during the Erasmus + / “Digital Immigrants Survival Kit” program (DISK, 2019-1-PT01-KA204-060898) and aims to help develop adults’ digital skills. The course is free and will be conducted entirely remotely – asynchronously, using the Moodle training platform. The duration of the course will be 8 weeks.

Educational items – Requirements.

The software you will use will be mainly Web 2.0 applications, which run directly from the internet (without the need for installation), but also free and open-source software, which you will “download” from the internet for free. You will need a fast internet connection and of course access to a computer from your personal space. In terms of knowledge, as long as you know the basics of using a computer, word processor, web browsing, email. For everything else you will need detailed instructions and help from your e-class educator. You should also read in the material of the 1st week the “Trainee Guide”

Description of the course – Mode of operation

  • General Issues.

 Participants create a virtual, e-classroom, in which trainees will collaborate with each other and with the trainer. Communication will take place using synchronous and asynchronous collaborative tools.

  • Procedure.

The course will be implemented entirely from a distance. Each week (Monday) will “unlock” the educational material of the week, as well as some activities – exercises, which trainees will be asked to implement and submit electronically. Trainers should check the work and feed the trainees. The educational material starts on 7/2/2022. The previous 2 weeks are an introduction to the course and contain instructions for it. In case of incorrect submission, the trainee submits a reply to the activity. Questions and questions that may arise should be mentioned in the forums of the website, so that everyone can see them and answer them when they know.

Synchronous teleconferencing

We will do 2 teleconferences. An introductory video conference between us and one in the middle of the course, where we will discuss possible problems that will exist. Teleconferencing is optional. We suggest teleconferencing for this year to be implemented with the platform or which is available for free.

Certificate of Participation

Upon completion of the course, a certificate of participation will be given to those trainees who have implemented and have successfully submitted at least 70% of the assigned activities. The completion percentage will NOT be indicated on the certificate.

Start of training

The training will start on Monday, February 7, 2022. The first week is a familiarization week in which you should:

  • Log in
  • Find your lesson
  • Get acquainted with the environment
  • Solve any problems you will encounter
  • Fill in the dating questionnaire which is your first activity


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