TWInS Halkis’ meeting

On Tuesday, May 29th 2018, the four-day meeting of the Erasmus +, Action KA3 program, “Together Workingon Inclusion at School’’ – TWInS – was successfully completed in Halki Island”. The meeting was organized by the Educational Activities Society (EDRASE – Eight European partners-educational institutions and schools from five different countries (Italy, Portugal, England, Romania

Model Questionnaires

The final products  of the “LeaD In Practice” project are the Model Questionnaires that fit for all kinds of training courses like: Blended Learning,  Youth Sector trainings, Short Term course. Long Term courses, Higher Education course.  These Questionnaires are the results of the participants’ common work. ModelQ.BlendedLearningProjects ModelQ.LongTermTrainingsModel3 ModelQ.LongTermTrainingsModule1 ModelQ.ShortTrainings ModelQ.UniversityCourse ModelQ.YouthWorkPreparation

Participation of EDRACE in a new Erasmus+ program

A new two-year European program started in January in which E.DRASE participates. “TWiNS – Together Working for Inclusione At School’’ It belongs to the ΚA3 Action, is EU-approved and coordinated by an Italian training organization (Cooperativa Beniamino SCS ONLUS – Campo nell’ Elba). The partners are (apart from EDRASE), three from Italy, two from Portugal,

LeaD in Practice: The second phase in Athens

LeaD in Practice A “blended-learning” action on “Learning Design in Practice” The objectives of the program are: Improve the competences of youth trainers/learning facilitators in areas which are typically left untouched in training processes, so that they can develop and offer high quality learning projects to their organizations’ learners, while employing principles of Intercultural Dialogue

One Step Ahead – Germany

Training Course, 16-24 January 2016 | Berlin, Germany Training course for staff in youth organisations / NGOs on how to organize, lead and manage successful, safe and high quality international youth projects. This training is suitable for more experienced leaders and managers. Participants will be more confident about planning and preparing projects, implementing activities, leading