introduction – Blended Learning

ERASMUS+ EDRASE participates in a LLP/Grundtvig Multilateral Project with the title: Blended Learning Quality –  Concepts Optimezed for Adult Education / BLAdEdu (PROJECT NUMBER-539717-LLP-1-2013-1-IT-GRUNDTVIG-GMP). Other partners are:  Universita degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza” ,Roma, Italy Federazione Culturale “Europaclub” Roma        , Italy, European Initiative for Education/Europaische Bildungsinitiative Wiener Neustadt Austria Vienna University of Technology (TU


  Algaba de Ronda, Andalucía, España,   DIGILAB CENTRO INTERDIPARTIMENTALE DI RICERCA E SERVIZIO DI SAPIENZA UNIVERSITÀ DI ROMA   European Initiative for Education/Europaische Bildungsinitiative, Wiener Neustadt, Austria   Federazione Culturale “Europaclub” V.F. Ferraironi, K10 00183 Roma, Italia   Fundacion Escuelas Profesionales „Sagrada Familia”, Malaga, España   Stowarzyszenie APERTO, Koszalin, Poland   Tenda Di Elia


Members of EDRASE     Sebeglia Manuela (Italy – 2011) Tarsia Chiara (Italy – 2014) Adonoglou Petrosς (Chalki – 2013) Anagnostaki Akrivi (Athens – 2013) Arapaki Elisabet (Chalki- 2013) Avgeris Giorgos (Syros – 2015) Filioglou Mirto (Athens – 2014) Fragakis Konstandis (Chalki- 2013) Gianniki Elena (Rodes – 2014) Grigoropoulou Maria (Chalki- 2011) Hatzigianni Andonia (Chalki-


Harris Kazlaris, Biochemical and cell biology, specializing in medically assisted reproduction (ACE) Rania Tsitsiloni, Assistant Professor – Department of Biology, University of Athens Vassilis Vassiliadis, Economist analyst Lefteris Stoukogiorgos, Economist analyst Mary Serveta, Professor of French at Arsakeio Athens Kostas Samiotakis, Radio producer and Web Radio

board of director

EDRASE is a Non for profit company that was founded in 2010. Its main aim is to promote Science and Social Science in Greece and the EU, with the means of seminars, lectures, discussions and the production of educational material.   The Board of Directors consists of the following members. Evangelos Iliadis, Biologist , President in Edrase

contact us

You can contact with us, using the following: EDRASE mailing address: Halki Island, Imporio, GR 85110, Halki, Dodecanese, GREECE. Fax number +302246045020 Tzimopoulos Nikolaos,, 6979776923, +302281062227 Εliadis Evangelos,  +306974918591 Filioglou Michail,


EDRASE’s goals are: The promotion and dissemination of science, the broader humanities and culture in the scientific community, educators at all levels and in society at large, through activities such as adult education, vocational training and teacher training, collaboration with Greek and European Education and training institutions, etc. Also, events and all forms of educational


EDRASE is a Not-for-profit company that was founded in 2010. Its main aim is to promote Science and Ηumanitarian Science in Greece, in EU and internationally, training and education of young people and adults with the means of seminars, lectures, discussions, from distance programs and the production of educational material. For this purpose it will utilise